Favorite Characters; Sander Cohen

“Cohen’s an artist, says some. He’s a Section Eight, says I. I’ve seen all kinds of cutthroats, freaks, and hard cases in my life, but Cohen, he’s a real lunatic, a dyed-in-the-wool psychopath…”


Favorite Characters; Sander Cohen

Cohen’s an artist, says some. He’s a Section Eight, says I. I’ve seen all kinds of cutthroats, freaks, and hard cases in my life, but Cohen, he’s a real lunatic, a dyed-in-the-wool psychopath…”

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|| Board Games ||


"Sure you did," Piers replied, rolling his eyes good-naturedly. In a way, he was lucky that Kyle could be so innocent at times since Piers tended to speak without thinking. It occasionally had landed him in trouble, but it was the kind of trouble he wouldn’t mind happening with Kyle. 

"Yeah, a game would be good. I’ll set it up." Finding the box, he took out the boards and the pieces. Despite its age, it was virtually identical to the one he’d had as a child and it brought a fond smile to his lips. "Man, I loved this game as a kid. Me and my dad would spend hours playing it. He taught me strategy and how to plan ahead with it. Happy memories."

Placing both boards on the table, he placed the pegs into the reservoir at the side and looked over at Kyle. “Would you like to be red or blue? I’ll let you pick.”

Kyle couldn’t help but mirror the other’s smile, enjoying the sweet expression Piers’ hosted, and the way he spoke of his childhood….

"—Oh! Uhm…I’ll be blue?" he leaned forward to peer over at both of the boards, "doesn’t it defeat the purpose if we’re sitting side by side…?" Kyle mused aloud. Not waiting for a response before fixing it himself, the redhead turned sideways on the couch and drew both of his legs up, smiling pleasantly.

"There! Now you won’t be able to see mine." He picked up the board closest to him and gave a little wiggle to make himself comfortable before looking over the pieces now in his lap, "…Do I put the little boat thingies on the bottom or the top?" he furrowed his brow, testing the pegs by sticking them through random holes. 

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Vie en Rose
by Sally
2,000 plays


Sally singing. I am rather ashamed of posting this

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Stolen Pets


The boy grinned and giggled softly. The idea of a bunch of little rabbits hopping around, leaving bunny prints everywhere was wonderful.

"Ya should put paper down an’ let ‘em hop about in pain on it. It’d make a better paintin’ than most’a what Mr. Cohen does ‘nyway."

Pat, as though he was allowed, started trying to gently take the rabbit back. Maybe if he said it was for art, his Mum would let him keep her.

"Can ya misplace this one? Jus’ for a little bit longer? I promise tuh take really good care of her."

Kyle couldn’t help but chuckle at Pat’s commentary of Cohen’s art. Kyle, of course, appreciated Cohen’s work, but he could see the lack of interest from a child, “I’ll have to try it someday, won’t I? You can help me with it, and maybe she’ll become a great artist too.” He lifted the rabbit up a bit for emphasis, then set her back down in Pat’s arms.

"You can take her, but don’t let your parents get rid of her if you can’t keep her, okay? Just bring her back to me. But, for the record, I’m sure she’ll be much happier with you than with Cohen." he smiled kindly.

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Sends 5 stars. (Sorry, found this on mobile.)
✪✪✪✪✪ = Whoa you’re kinda cute

"Am I, now?"

                             ”Well, thank you, Chris…”

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silascobb inquired:

"Drunk?" Tapping his index finger against his chin, Silas pretended to mull over the question. "Maybe just a little bit." That explained a lot. He didn't drink often, but when he did, it was always to excess. It had landed him in trouble more often than not and yet he never learned from his mistakes. Not even Kyle shouting at him gave Silas cause to be contrite, however, and he just kept on grinning like this was the most fun he'd ever had.

Kyle only stared— at his face— in complete disbelief. This wasn’t happening. After a moment, he dropped his head into his palms, completely covering his face. Staying quiet he drew a few even, deep breaths. Then he snapped his head back up, hosting a calm façade.

"Silas….please, get off of my piano and put your clothes back on.” 

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✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ = Marry me

"Oh, har-har

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ooc// it’s not healthy to live in a delusional world kyle


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I’m sorry can we all just remember who copies Ryan’s pencil ‘stache like a sad little prematurely balding fanboy

Yeah well we all have those awkward phases in our lives.

And then we grow up to be hot (fake)Irish men.

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ooc// I can’t answer from Andy, but excuse you Andy is the hottest DILF in Rapture pls Kyle

Excuse u Atlas has got serious accent game.

and stubble game.

and those arms


Ryan can take his little pencil ‘stache and weak little golf arms and blow me

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✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ ;)
✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ = I wanna have sex with you


                                         No fucking way.

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✪✪✪✪✪ = Whoa you’re kinda cute

"Is this the part where I say "You’re not so bad yourself”?”

                        “And bat my eyes in a coy manner?”

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rapturesson inquired:

✪ yolo

✪ = I wanna kill you


                               ”What’ve I ever done to you?!

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elly-faygh-8 inquired:


✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ = oh god you are hella sexy


                                     /LOUD THROAT CLEARING/

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ask-keith inquired:

✪✪✪✪✪ (Oh ho)

✪✪✪✪✪ = Whoa you’re kinda cute


"Th-thank you…?"

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lepuus inquired:

✪✪✪✪✪ = Whoa you’re kinda cute

well duh I’m your kawaiist disciple


                             ”Thank you, sir…”

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