As if he were somehow turned into a flower, Peter wilted the moment that Kyle admitted to still not recognizing him — him, he who polished that damn piano and moved it almost every night to clean up the rest of the stage. He who secretly sat in the back, behind the curtains and listened each key tapping down on delicate chords - chords that he’d time and time again replaced due to Cohen’s little temper tantrums.

         Finally, the Rabbit leans in a bit closer as the crackling reaches Kyle’s ears again and a chilled breath baits at his left. The falter in the music only brought a wicked smile, “You caught me once, playing the piano after a showing. I’m sure you remember that — you told me how terrible I was.”


                           He squeezes those shoulders a bit, “Couldn’t
                           even get the birthday song right.” And it was true.
                           The boy was more accustomed to song and dance,
                           than the fanciful onset of instrumental entertainment.

                 “I think you oughta’ remember me now, Fitzy.
                                         Or are you gonna’ lose the game?”

     His face grew hot despite the growing chill. The more he spoke, and the more the splicer grew close to him the more unnerved he felt. But it wasn’t until he mention of his being caught playing the piano that Kyle finally stopped playing himself. 


     No, Kyle would never tell someone they wereterrible. Even if they were. But the memory of a stage hand playing the piano was a familiar one.

[          I live in gardens,
                                                   a fluffy cotton-tail


"Kyle, go tell Peter to get back over here.”


"The kid at the piano, he’s supposed ta put it away, not play with it."

                 But Peter Rabbit, who was very naughty,
                    ran straight away to Mr. McGregor’s
                                         garden.                                                          ]

     ”Peter…” faintly spoken,

                                             ”A terrible time.” He waited to explain himself further, “I-I said it was a terrible time to be playing, Martin was trying to get everyone organized. It was hectic… after a show like that,

                                                        I barely remember most of the night.”

     ”Am I right…?
                               Do I win...?”

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"Drinkable Plasmids.”

♛Independent Roleplay blog for Suchong
♛Ten years of roleplay experience, three years on Tumblr
♛AU, Crossover and OC friendly. 
♛Open to threads of all kinds!


Home l Message l Rules l 

"Drinkable Plasmids.”

♛Independent Roleplay blog for Suchong

♛Ten years of roleplay experience, three years on Tumblr

♛AU, Crossover and OC friendly. 

♛Open to threads of all kinds!

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kyle-fitzpatrick started following you

Ah… Fitzpatrick, is tha’ you? I’m surprised Cohen lets you have any time off. Or are ya hidin’ from ‘im again?

"I don’t hide from Mr. Cohen…” He felt the need to correct the man immediately, whether it was true or not, “I’m just running an errand for him…
                 Do I know you?”

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| Poor Foresight {Cohen/Kyle} |



                       {   the Artist
                             had been listening.

                   played the piece 
           practically perfect
               all on the first try
           his        star             pupil

     but then he kept going
                    admirable perfectionism 
                                          such drive
                                         such fervor
    all morning he practised
            while the Artist dozed in the sound booth
                     and with every note he played
             he grew

   The Genius couldn’t believe
he would play this way on purpose
                                 that he would
              b u t c h e r
        his Masterpiece

Kyle was   good
               he was the   pet
                       he would never betray
           his Master 
                                                 like that…

Drifting down the aisles
                                    Cohen sang   }

{     letting his hands float and buffet 
                                       over the tops of seats
                            the boy must be exhausted
   surely that is why he was playing
                       so poorly   }

                        ”  you must be tired
            perhaps you should get some sleep-“

he caught sight of 
          the music

                                            d o n e “

   he hissed,
frozen in rage.

     He sat tall, his head held high, and not only in way of required posture. He felt proud of how he had salvaged the piece. In it’s own way, it was like a collaboration between himself and Cohen. Though the young pianist was unsure of how to approach the artist of the subject. Was it really wise to correct the maestro…?

     Suddenly he didn’t have a choice. Lost in thought, and the trickle of notes, Kyle barely noticed Cohen until his voice fluttered down to him. At first pleasant Kyle turned a bashful smile on his mentor, mouth open to respond.

                 But he stopped, lips remaining parted and a strike of fear running through him at the other’s dangerous tone.

     ”I—” He what? He defiled art work. He changed and scribbled all over a piece of Sander Cohen’s music.

                                               What was he thinking?

     ”I-I just made a few changes… There was no reason, I just wanted to see what it sounded like…” as he spoke, he blindly grabbed the papers atop the piano, hiding them crumpled in his hand so the marks, and notes of how to change the mistakes were out of sight.

     ”I… only did it after I learned the original piece… 

                                                                                is that…

                                                                                           alright, sir…?”

He shouldn’t ask.

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"I couldn’t ever be truly offended by anything you say."


"I wouldn’t offer just anyone. In fact, besides you, I wouldn’t offer anyone.”

The more he thinks about it, the more he likes the idea. If he does a good job of this, then maybe he can persuade Kyle to do more than just sit on his lap. Like… Sit on his lap, naked. That’d be good.

"Well, I’m honoured, then." 

"And very much looking forward to it! Will this once in a lifetime meal be hosted at your home? Oh— should I dress formally?” he sniggered.

Kyle was just teasing now, more anything. If Silas didn’t want to call it a date, he was going to push the fact that it was even more. Not that Kyle particularly cared.

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Friendly reminder that I’m purely mobile ATM so pls forgive anything weird I do;;;;;
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☄ + ❧

I think you’re very welcoming?? You were very friendly with me, tbh it makes me feel more comfortable.

Is Cohenxdisciples, one,two,three, all four doesn’t matter. I like the idea of their weird messed psuedo family dynamic….

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lutecea inquired:

( ❧ ✗ ☒ )
Rosa x Kyle [winkwinkwonkwink]

no but Rosa and rob but this weird just really close pseudo romantic way????? Idk

cohenxanna hate sex

FACT: I drove to the airport when I was 14. The airport was about a half hour a way from where we started

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4maldehyde inquired:

✗ - A ship I can’t stand

Okay I dont know if this counts but when Cohen and the disciples- any of them- are like desperately in love like sappy sweet romantic love………………

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chainedfool inquired:

☒ + ☑ + ✾ !
The first time I played bs1 I was so startled by kyles screaming, and had no idea what was going on so I shot him immediately. Then when Cohen came down the stairs I didn’t know it was Cohen and shot him right in the face too.

kyle speaks very fluent French. (With mY old martin and Cohen we said martin speaks fluent French as well and Cohen knows a bit of French. He gets frustrated when martin and kyle speak it at each other so well, and fluently that he can’t keep up. But uses it to scold kyle at tines so no one will understand.)

uuhhmmm another reason I picked kyle might have been because minor characters are easier to do what you want with? Plus for some reason to me his facial structure really looked like he was ginger and I am fond of gingers.

oh AND UNPOPULAR OPINION UUH, Is completely hating the end of BioShock where you fight Fontaine unpopular? It was a total piece of shit and made no sense he knew how bad ADAM was he was the asshole lying about it why would he splice he knew he couldn’t run the city if he was just another junky why????nobody knows.

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☑, ☄
Kyle is the spitting image of his father, save his father is a bit bulkier and much taller than kyle (though if kyle lived past 22 he actually gets a little taller) so there is a larger, older man who looks strikingly like kyle spliced out of his mind and wandering somewhere around Rapture.

we haven’t really spoken a lot but you seem nice and fun to talk to ;u; I adore Ronny and your writing is top notch!!!

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✾ - Why I chose my character ☄ - My opinion of you
Many many years ago in a land far far away…. I had a jack ask blog, and from there a hector and a johnny topside rper asked me to join as jack. I have no idea what started this but at the time they asked me to join I had discovered the disciples and was already drawing art of them?? And the hector mentioned they shipped them and reblogged some of my art and I rly liked them and wanted them to like me so I made a kyle blog instead and we shipped and it was rad. I really have no idea what drew me to kyle…

I think you’re pretty rad, even if I’m still all nervous around you haha(I’m sorry;;;) and you’re a gr8 rper I love both of your character portrayals mmmh yis

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Strike a pose.


Strike a pose.

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Kiss me, give me many kisses,
As if tonight were
the last time.
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Munday Symbols


❤ - Any tumblr senpais
❣ - An unpopular opinion I have
⋆ - A ship I have with my character
❧ - A ship I have with your character
✗ - A ship I can’t stand
☒ - A fact about the mun
☑ - A fact about the character
✾ - Why I chose my character
◎ - Relationship status
❂ - Post a picture of myself
☄ - My opinion of you

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